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I am a registered psychologist who has been working within the eduction system with youth and adults in Calgary and surrounding area for more than 15 years. I am grateful to have a career that allows me the privilege to work with people who allow me into their lives and support them through their life journey's. I use evidence based approaches to my practice and believe learning is a life long endeavour and enjoy the pursuit of knowledge, insight  and awareness.  I have been fortunate to follow my professional passions.

My passion for helping children, adolescents and adults to identify and conquer the barriers to their learning success, understanding their learning profile and meeting their potential has been highly rewarding and inspiring. I enjoy helping people find their strengths and develop their confidence and independence. 

Another passion of mine is helping youth and adults address social/emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, relationship issues, behaviour challenges . To help them to understand what they are experiencing and supporting them in developing effective strategies to cope with difficult life events. It is an honour to support people through their life journeys and I am always amazed at the resilience of human nature.

As a parent of three children and experiencing the life challenges that parents face, I am passionate about supporting parents, who are the most important figures in a child's life, to cope with the challenges, stress and worries that parents face. It is the hardest and most rewarding role we take on and yet we don't get any training to learn how to do it. I consider it a privilege to support/coach parents with how to support their children and overcome the myriad of challenges parents face in raising happy and well-adjusted children. I am grateful and humbled to experience such rewarding opportunities.